10 BEST Websites to Get Instagram Followers in 2022

Buying Instagram followers is a popular way to increase your social media presence. However, it is not the best way to get more followers. The main reason why you should not buy Instagram followers is because it does not provide any real value for your business and most times you may be flagged by the platform and your account suspended or deleted.

A lot of companies are doing this and it has become a trend in the market. In order to boost your social media presence, you should focus on building organic engagement with your audience instead of buying fake followers or likes.

Best Websites to Get Organic Instagram Followers in 2022

Automating your Instagram account management processes is one of the most viable ways to attract more followers, however, there are quite a few websites that help you increase your Instagram following in the most organic and less suspicious way.

1. Stim Social

If you are looking to boost your Instagram exposure and unlock a new level of connection to prospects then Stim social is one of the ideal follower tool to consider.

This cool Instagram tool you with provides metrics and insights that help you increase your visibility and conversions. You can set the audience personas that you like to target and it will use these data to attract only profiles that fit in your specific targeting.

More impressive features are ability to drive impressive traffic to your website, attract thousands of new followership daily, build a chord of strong influence with your profile and become more marketable, and even most importantly smile to the bank daily by selling more of your ecommerce products as more people become exposed to your profile.

To make use of Stim social, you need to create an account and jump on a plan, you need to create your ideal targeting and the types of followers you’d like to attract the platform then uses these insights to promote your account to potential profiles, sit back and keep a tab on the analytics as your account attracts a new audience.

Pricing: Professional and Managed plan at $49 and $99 respectively.

2. Sprout Social

Sprout Social is one of the most complete social management tools that allows you to unlock full potential to change your social media marketing game. A part of the platform allows you to connect to Instagram for smarter management, some of what you can do is schedule posts, manage comments, monitor hashtags, tag products and run reports and more.

With Sprout, you can easily manage multiple Instagram profiles from one place and connect with other users in the app. It provides marketers with extensive data on how well their ads are performing and allows them to create content that resonates with target audiences.

With sprout social Foster brand loyalty with a social CRM toolset that helps you engage with customers quickly and personally.

The latest trend in marketing is creating brand loyalty through social media. The challenge is to keep your customers engaged and loyal, which is why companies are now looking for social CRM tools like sprout social. With a suite of customizable apps, you can leverage the power of Facebook ads, Instagram, Twitter and more to create a personalized customer experience.

3. Crowdfire

Crowdfire is an all-in-one essential social media scheduling and discovery tool that helps you discover and schedule content, and manage all your social accounts from one dashboard.

The app makes it easy to schedule posts on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google+, YouTube, Pinterest, Tumblr and Blogger.

Discover relevant content for your social channels with automation so you’re able to keep your timeline active with fresh contents from time to time. You also get insights on your inactive followers and those who don’t follow you back so that you can plan posts for all your social media profiles for better engagements.

Publish content from your own websites and online shops. Create dynamic posts in a blink of an eye to share on all your social media profiles with ease!


  • Curate the most relevant articles for your blog, Instagram or Twitter feed.
  • Upload your own images for Curation and get personalized posts.
  • Create an RSS Feed from any source to curate content from there.
  • Schedule posts to be published on your social media accounts in one click, so you can post at the best moment of the day.
  • Publishing with a personal touch: Pick a date and time to schedule and then review your content before publishing it.
  • Personalized content with tailored posts

4. SocialGest

SocialGest is a website that helps you to extensively manage your social media platforms including your Instagram account by providing you with a variety of services. They help you schedule your posts for the best time, analyze what kind of content performs better in terms of likes and shares, and create content for you.

This tool works greats for teams, offering comment and content approval, scheduling, team collaboration, and full analytics all in one place.

SocialGest is one of the best ways to get followers on Instagram. With this application, you can schedule content, analyze your campaigns and monitor your social networks all in one place.

You can also track your hashtags, create simple landing pages, analyze your social media networks, leverage the content planner feature for better engagements, mange and measure your ads and campaigns, create social media contests, collaborate, and do more.

5. HootSuite

HootSuite is one of the most popular social media marketing tool with lots of simplicity to use, it allows you to grow your business and get more done with your social media accounts, you can plan and schedule your posts, engage customers across multiple social media channels in one place, measure results across all social media accounts, manage paid campaigns, keep informed about latest marketing trends and detailed insights and reporting on all activites.

HootSuite boasts as the first social media management platform ever to be created and is still very much relevant in the social media marketing space.

According to Sarah Ottino of ThePaintLine “Hootsuite is awesome for planning out social media posts and it’s great if you run multiple social media accounts for your business. They’ve helped us become much more efficient—our whole business is better off because of them.“

Give your social media posts the attention they deserve with HootSuite! Easily schedule your updates on social networks and keep track of who’s mentioned you on their posts, so that you never miss an opportunity. With Hootsuite, you’ll be able to engage with your followers and create a following that builds your business.

6. Buffer

Buffer is a social media management tool that helps you get more out of your social networks. With Buffer, you can save time and focus on what matters most to your business. This tool enables your team to grow their audience organically and effortlessly with powerful social media management tools such as content planning and collaboration, post scheduling, social media account performance insights and reporting, creating customized landing pages in a jiffy, swift navigation to comments to engage with prospects. Most interestingly, with buffer, there is a plan for every user.

7. Speedygram

Do you have a growing Instagram account that’s struggling to get new followers? Whether you’re just beginning on Instagram or struggling to gain traction, you need a tool that’s able to automate your actions and follow or unfollow accounts in order for you to obtain followers that are actually interested and engaged with your profile.

You can filter the posts by accounts in this app to see which posts would be most relevant to your followers. Keep in mind though that being more specific means you will get better results and some hashtags might not work, so you might need to choose a different one.

It’s really easy to get your brand noticed using hashtags on Instagram. You just have to choose the most popular ones and put them in your post. Get more followers by using the most popular hashtags for your brand and use this tool to find them.

8. Loomly

Loomly is easy, fun, and fast and makes communicating with your brand innovative and engaging. Manage your brand assets, fuel your storytelling and polish your content in one place, with our content-curator app.

With Loomly, you’ll get your marketing done faster. Let Loomly help with your story, content, images, and more so you can focus on what matters most to your business: growing your customer base.

Create a personalized schedule based on your interests and get instant inspiration on what to cover on your blog or social media. You’ll never run out of ideas again.

Get a new creative boost with Loomly. With its smart editor, easy-to-use templates, and the best photography on the web, Loomly can help anyone make masterpieces of their own. Along with its easy-to-follow tagging system and powerful analytics, easily craft better posts and ads like an expert.

9. Metricool

Metricool is a powerful social media management tool with analytics, marketing and growth opportunities, it allows you to analyze and measure how successful your online content is. It’s also a tool for you to get followers for Instagram likes and have more followers.

Metricool pride itself as the social media management tool for marketing professionals, a  platform that unifies the data from your website, social networks, and online ads into one place so it’s easy to get real-time insights on your ads performance, competitor strategy so you can up your game where and when required.

10. AgoraPulse

Agorapulse helps you manage your social media presence by providing a centralized tool to stay organized, publishing tools for easy scheduling of posts, and reporting tools for monitoring your followers and engagement.

Use it to schedule posts that go directly to Instagram. With AgoraPulse you can also optimize them for the best performance on each social network. Work with your entire team with our easy-to-use interface!

In Conclusion…

Social media is an important part of our daily lives. It is a space where we can chat with friends, share our thoughts and follow the news. Unfortunately, on many social media platforms, it is not quite clear how to use a profile effectively for your own purposes. Using these websites, it is easy to improve your profile without breaking any of the platform’s rules.

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