How to Sell On Social Media in Nigeria

Social media has grown to become an important marketing channel for all class of business to access growth online, any business that deploys the right social media strategy can successfully grow their reach and engage with customers online.

It is a way for companies to connect with customers and build trust. The important part is knowing how to sell on social media networks, like Twitter and Instagram.

What is social selling?

Social selling is a kind of sales strategy that utilizes social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn to build relationships with customers.

Social selling is an effective way for companies to engage with their target audience. Companies can use social media platforms to create content that helps them reach their target audience.

Social selling is the use of digital marketing strategies on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. It includes posting content on these platforms that engages with your target audience in order to make sales or generate leads for your business.

Top Social Media channels to sell in Nigeria?

The marketer uses social media to deliver value during the whole buying process, from awareness to decision making.

The new form of B2B sales is about using social media to reach new prospects. It is a more personal way of engaging with them, which means that it requires a different approach and mindset for the salesperson.

Old sales model VS. New Sales Model

The old sales model focused on cold calling, where the salesperson would call their prospects and try to convince them to buy from them. The new form of B2B sales focuses on using social media to reach new prospects. It is a more personal way of engaging with them, which means that it requires a different approach and mindset for the salesperson.

Unlike cold calling, however, this type of B2B selling doesn’t require much effort or time investment on behalf of the prospect: they just need to be willing to engage with you in order for you to automate your sales process and get to a live conversation.

How to Sell on Social Media

Selling on social networks is all about building future relationships, providing value to prospects and nurturing leads.

Figure out who your target audience are and where they hang out most

It is important for businesses to choose the most relevant social network for their business. They should not just focus on one platform and neglect the others.

There are three key factors that make a social media channel more popular than others: content, engagement and reach.

The first step in finding these factors is to determine where your potential customers are spending their time online. This will help you figure out which platforms they are using and what content they are engaging with.

There are many platforms where businesses can get more customers. For example, B2B salespeople get leads on LinkedIn and cloth and home decor retailers get more customers on Pinterest and Instagram.

In order to find the right platform for your business, you have to do some research. Find out what your potential customers are using, search for relevant keywords that reflect your business, and try different platforms until you find one that works best for you.

Social media demography

The age groups on YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter are different. However, the decision maker mainly uses one platform which is LinkedIn and Twitter. This is because it has a more professional audience for business-related content.

Actionable Headlines

The use of captions and headlines has been around for a long time, but they have been used more effectively in recent years by many marketers. It is because of this increase in effectiveness that these are now the most important factors when it comes to making content more engaging.

Headlines are an essential part of social media marketing. They are the first thing that potential customers see when they visit your website.

When you write a post on social media, make sure to have a powerful and highly-actionable headline or caption. This will help you get more engagement, as well as increase your chances of getting found by the right audience.

Your contents must have captions and headlines that are highly-actionable. These captions and headlines must be able to convey the message in a way that is easy to understand.

Captions and headings are often used as a means of attracting attention on social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. The use of these captions and headings should not be underestimated as they can make or break your content’s success rate.

Share Valuable Contents Multiple Times Daily

Social media has been a new battlefield for content marketers. They have to be able to share content multiple times a day to keep up with the pace of social media.

One way to increase your reach on social media is by sharing valuable contents multiple times a day. This will help you build your audience and generate more sales for your business in the long run.

Content is king on social media, but it all ultimately depends on the type of audience and the type of content. On Facebook for instance, four times a day is great if you are targeting an audience that has a high level of engagement.

The importance of sharing valuable contents multiple times daily cannot be overemphasized in social media marketing.

Grow your social media followership

The more followers you have, the more impact your content will have. This is because people will be more likely to share your content with their friends and followers.

Social media is a place where everyone can share their thoughts and ideas. There are a lot of opportunities for people to grow their fan base, but only if they know what they are doing.

Social media is a great way to grow your fan base organically. However, it can be really slow and tiring. This is why most businesses choose to use paid advertising as a way to grow their fan base quickly.

Paid advertising is usually more efficient than organic marketing when it comes to getting instant result, but it can be really expensive and time-consuming.

Social media marketing has a lot of up-and-coming social media platforms that are becoming more popular every day like Instagram and Snapchat, which are perfect for social media advertising campaigns.

The best way to grow your fan base on social media is usually through organic marketing, but this method can be really slow and tiring. This is why most businesses choose to use paid advertising as a way to grow their fan base quickly.

If you’re an artist with a large fan base, this is good news for you. If you’re an online retailer, this is also good news for you because it means that the more fans who like your product, the more likely they are to buy it.

When there’s a lot of people who like what you do and want to buy your products or services, it can be difficult to keep up with them all. That’s why social media has been so successful as an advertising platform – because there’s always another person out there who wants what you have and needs someone else to talk about it.

Create a Content Strategy

A content strategy is a plan for what type of content should be created, where it should be distributed, and how it should be promoted to achieve your goals.

The purpose of creating a content strategy is to make sure that you are creating and promoting the right types of content at the right time to maximize your reach and return on investment (ROI).

However, it’s not as easy as it seems. It takes time, effort, and patience to build a following on social media and maintain the momentum.

While social media marketing is a great way to get your brand in front of more people. But it can be difficult to figure out what you should post and when, especially if you’re not a professional marketer.

Here are some tips for creating a content calendar that will help you get your social media marketing strategy off the ground.

  • Create a content calendar for each social media platform (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) and one for email marketing.
  • Create separate calendars for different types of content such as blog posts, videos, etc.

Once you have your audience in mind, you can start thinking about the type of content that will appeal to them the most. Come up with at least 5 content ideas per day on average.

Post consistently

It is important to be consistent on social media. You need to post consistently and cover more topics related to your business.

There are many ways for you to make sure that you are posting consistently on social media. One of the most effective ways is to schedule posts in advance, so that you always have a certain amount of content ready for your followers.

Some other ways include creating a calendar with specific dates and times when you will post, creating a list of topics and hashtags that you want to share with your followers, and sharing content from other sources as well.

Some businesses that post consistently on social media get more engagements than those who do not. There are many reasons for this, but one of the main ones is that people like to engage with brands that they know and trust. Another reason could be because people want to see what their favorite brands are up to.

With these two things in mind, it’s important for businesses to post consistently on social media so they can keep their engagement levels high and attract new followers.

Promote your contents on Social Media

Promote your content on social media channels as soon as you publish it. You can use scheduling tools like Hootsuite to queue posts on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and many others.

Discounts, freebies and Giveaways

One way to sell is by creating a sale or discount code. This will give your followers access to something they might not have otherwise been able to get.

You can also run a giveaway for your followers if you want to offer them something that they might not be able to get anywhere else. Giveaways are fun, interactive ways for people to interact with your brand and feel like they’re part of the process.


How Can I sell My Stuff Online in Nigeria?

There are several ways you can sell your stuff online in Nigeria. One of the most viable methods is selling on social media channels; you can create an Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Twitter channels for your business and start to create engaging contents to sell your products. Another smart way to sell your products and service in Nigeria is by listing them on several marketplaces available, you can list on the top marketplace and ecommerce websites such as Konga, Jumia, jiji, Olist, Scrader and the reset of them.

How much does it cost to advertise on Social Media in Nigeria?

The cost of advertising your products and services on social media in Nigeria largely depends on your marketing budget and social media platform. You can run PPC ads on Facebook, Instagram and Google from say 10,000 to 1,000,000 and above.

How much does social media marketing cost in Nigeria?

To get the best from your social media marketing campaign you need to have a decent monthly budget from 500,000, this will go to employing the service of a social media manager and running PPC campaigns on platforms like Facebook and Instagram. How much you spend on your social media marketing will depend on a number of factor such as the platform, your marketing goals, the agency handling your marketing campaigns, your budget, product viability and more.

Which Social Media is best for selling in Nigeria?

Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are the top three social media platforms best for selling your products, especially for retailers and wholesales or people who are generally into merchandising. For Business to Business (B2B) solutions and services LinkedIn is a fast-growing one for such transaction in Nigeria.

How much does Social Media Managers charge per month in Nigeria?

To engage the service of a social media manager to oversee activities on your social media accounts you can budget to pay 50K to 500K per month depending on the goal and number of accounts you want them to manage.

How much does it cost to Promote an Instagram Post in Nigeria?

The cost of promoting your post on Instagram in Nigeria can range from 2000 to 500,000, depending on your ad spend budget.

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